Jennifer Kelly, Life Coach

As a recent graduate of JST Coaching and Training, LLC, Jennifer works with clients struggling with daily schedules, routines and other neurodiverse issues related to a diagnosis of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD)/Executive Functions. 

As a Life Coach, Jennifer helps clients to realize their strengths and the things that work, as well as the things that have not worked when it comes to achieving goals, “Children, adults and their families deal with unique situations surrounding ADD/Executive Functions, Spectrum Disorders, and a multitude of [others] every day. You cannot expect a ‘one size fits all’ approach to be effective when dealing with an individual. Each person needs the tools specific to them to be able to identify and achieve short-term or long-term goals.” 

Through the coaching process, Jennifer is able to work with clients who may feel “stuck” or who believe that they have not yet learned how to maximize their complete potential – both professionally and personally. Working on short or long term goals may help the client with that particular situation as well as learn to navigate future situations. “I am comfortable working with any age group and with anyone going through transitional changes in life. I enjoy celebrating the success (large or small!) when clients overcome an obstacle that has been keeping them from reaching their full potential in life, a career, or sport.”

Jennifer has been employed at Family and Child Development since 2016 and fully understands the need for professional services related to ADD, ADHD, Executive Functions and Spectrum Disorders.  As the mother of a child who has been diagnosed with ADD, Jennifer has seen first-hand the challenges that affect children and their families, “It is often difficult to find someone to help with issues that affect the family or relationships at home or work, when dealing with a neurodiverse diagnosis.  Something as simple as helping clients with daily routines or schedules can make a huge impact in their lives and the lives of their families.”