Joan M. Sonnier, M.S.

Registered Marriage & Family Intern, State of Florida

Joan enjoys helping individuals, couples and families sort through developmental phases and life issues and navigate more effective communication, and building a sense of belonging. 

You will find Joan’s approach nurturing and non-judgmental. She enjoys the people she works with and has passion about improving their quality of life.

With 25 years of experience in the field of mental health, I am passionate about working with individuals, couples and families supporting change that will improve their quality of life and bring each individual to a place of belonging and increased sense of peace. I believe healing needs to take place physically, spiritually and emotionally.  My approach is developmental and recovery based. I also refer to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

We all go through stages of development throughout life.  Development often brings new issues that you might not be used to dealing with or do not know how to handle. These situations, often break down communication and connection in families. I can work with you individually, your family or significant other and help navigate the situation to a place of healing and inner peace. Developmental issues you might be dealing with include, parenting adolescent children, parenting adult children, mid-life crises, grand parenting, empty nest, navigating through and recovering from divorce, retirement or remarriage.

I am experienced in working with depression, anxiety and anger issues, getting to the root of the problem and developing healthy coping skills through changing unhealthy thought processes learned earlier in life. I am also able to help you recover from past childhood trauma.

In particular, I have a passion for supporting successful recovery from addiction. I have experience working with families and individuals who have substance abuse and addiction issues.  When there is addiction within the family, each family member needs information and support that helps create an environment for healing.  This then allows the family to begin to rebuild healthy relationships by restoring trust and establishing healthy patterns of communication and conflict resolution.