Kristina Himmelberg, M.A.

Kristina Himmelberg

Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, State of Florida

Kristina has experience working with infant mental health, trauma, anxiety, anger and depression. She brings a solution-focused approach to her counseling and treatment, and maintains open communication with clients by consistently addressing their progress. She is very personable and enjoys working with clients to achieve their therapy goals.

Kristina has worked with a broad range of clients including foster and adoptive families, as well individuals who have experienced some level of trauma. Kristina helps teens and their parents navigate a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, relationship and gender identity. She uses cognitive-behavioral therapy to help teach healthy coping skills and avoid negative behaviors that may lead to a lack of poor grades, substance abuse, or self-harming behaviors.

Kristina also works with adult individuals, couples/marriage and senior citizens. When working with couples, she helps to reveal underlying issues that may be interfering with healthy communication, appreciation, intimacy or finances. She enjoys spending time helping senior citizens deal with some of the most difficult parts of the aging process, as well as their caregivers. A focus on the family unit is important to her through the ages, from toddlers to seniors.